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Kalaignar Isai Aruvi is a Tamil music channel that has carved out a space for itself in Tamil television circles. It offers the latest songs from newly released movies of the Kollywood industry. It provides its listeners with all its playlists, comprising various films and composers, throughout the day. Isai Aruvi also makes its presence in the movie industry and broadcasting programs that bring the latest news of upcoming movies and industry gossip. Several phone-in programs are hosted by famous video jockeys as well. Throughout the day, interested listeners can experience Tamil melodies in their most diverse mode with Isai Aruvi. There are shows like Isai Arasargal, Kuthu Pattu, and Madura Kavi to entertain audiences of all ages and from all life sectors.

Isaiaruvi is a Tamil television Music channel, and it is a part of the KALAIGNAR TV NETWORK, and it is dedicated to all Music Lovers. The track is owned by the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. M.karunanidhi. The channel has been his brainchild and has made considerable contributions to the development of this channel.

A considerable number of shows are broadcasted in the channel to play melodies of the classic Tamil songs to refresh anyone’s mood or day. So, we have provided the entire schedule of the track below.

Midnight – back to back songs 6 AM – Morning melodies for a fresh start to the morning. 7 AM – Isai Vanakkam 9 AM – Boom box 10 A.M. – Pinnaniyil Munani 12 noon – Jodi Kural 1 PM – Innisai 2 PM – Hit melodies 4 PM - Theri baby live 5 PM – Mersalaana Paatu 6 PM – Kadhalukaga 7 PM – Thullisai 8 PM – Kuthu Pattu 9 PM - Kuthu Pattu 10 PM – Endrum Iniyavai 11 P.M. – Melliya Poongatru