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Polimer TV channel is owned by Polimer Media Private Limited. It solely belongs to the Kalayanasundram Family. Mr. Pattanam Velappan Kalyanasundaram is the owner of the company with a whopping 81.25% share of the company. His wife S. Aruljothi owns 8.75%, and his son Varun Kalyanasundaram holds 10% of Polimer Media Private Limited. The company has evolved as a twenty-four-hour Tamil News satellite TV channel.

Polimer is the second largest MSO in Tamil Nadu, which caters to millions of TV viewing homes across ten districts of Tamil Nadu. It was founded by Mr. P.V. Kalyana Sundaram, the company currently runs eight basic cable TV channels in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Polimer TV is a fully integrated Tamil GEC reaching out to millions of Tamil viewers across the world. The channel has started an art production facility in Chennai as well. Besides having a library of more than 350 movies on an exclusive basis, the channel also beams eight full hours of original content every day. The channel has extended its vision to various genres in reality. In short, Polimer is aiming to become a strong and competitive channel in the GEC space of Tamil Television scenario.

There are many programs on the channel by the name of Polimer Seythigal. Here the newsreader collates and presents some of the latest news updates, events, and developments that affect the people of the country and the world over. The news is repeated several times a day so that no viewer ever misses any news of the channel being broadcasted. The viewership of this channel is growing by leaps and bounds. It is one of the most viewed news channels in Tamil Nadu.