Sangeet Bangla



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Sangeet Bangla is an iconic Bengali music channel. This is an all-day music channel. The channel plays the ever-present favorites from popular Bengali movies. The channel provides sufficient entertainment value in its programs.

Sangeet Bangla provides the audience with a right of choice. Here, the host is in accordance with the request of the audience. The playlist added is as per the suggestions and requests of the audience. The channel includes shows as a tribute to the most popular composers in Bengali. Often it is seen that the channel broadcasts more than 25 programs in a days time.

The popular programs broadcasted include:

● This comprises songs played back to back. The popular Bengali melodies are included within the show.

● Best Of 90s and 1980s Songs from the most celebrated movies of the 1990s and 1980s. This is in major concern to the melodies performed by renowned artists of those times.

● Evergreen This is in focus to the most famous evergreen songs in the Bengali industry.

● Funroll Apart from music, this also provides the listener with entertainment programs. Funroll is an entertainment program.

● Slot Just like the present days teleshopping, slot introduces products of certain brands.