Kalaignar Seithigal



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Kalaignar Seithigal is the Indian TV channel owned by the well-known Kalaignar Tv Pvt Ltd. It is a regional news channel in the Tamil language. The channel is a part of the famous Kalaignar TV network. It is owned by Dr.kalaignar M.karunanidhi and his family, the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu. The headquarters are in Chennai. The channel has its own news format and is broadcast in the Tamil language only.

The channel caters to only news programs on diverse categories starting from Politics, International Affairs, finance, sports, entertainment, current affairs, and many more. It is a live News Channel that is telecasted throughout the day and night. The channel always provides updated news touching various categories for its viewers.

It is the best place to catch updated news and information on the current ongoing incidents in our country. It is a much-loved news channel of the Tamil-speaking community. The viewership of the channel has been growing with each day due to their quality and variety of news being shown. There are various categories of programs pertaining to news from all over the country as well as from the world over that are being broadcasted at different times of the day and at night as well.

The channel always tries to keep its viewers updated with the latest information regarding the current affairs in the country. They also provide information regarding various topics of finance and sports where discussions with eminent personalities of the specified category are also being broadcasted. They also have time slots for various categories of news stressing the details of each of the headlines of the day.