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9X Jhakaas is one of the leading Marathi channels in broadcasting music programs in India. 9X Jhakaas is titled India's first music channel in the Marathi language. The channel showcases various entertainment programs apart from the usual style of TV programs. It includes animated characters in presentations as well. It is regarded as a regional channel of Maharashtra. 9X Jhakaas is broadcasted over many Indian states. It also goes air through the website facilities. 9X Jhakaas also holds other channels that include the Hindi language as prior. The various programs include Teleshopping, Love Guru, Solid Hits, Bakthinaad, etc. The programs present themselves as unique. Teleshopping As we know, it deals with the promotion of certain products in the market. It provides the very details like price, uses, and benefits of the product. This enables the comfort of purchasing from your comfort zone. Love Guru Throughout the show, the most greeted and celebrated romantic songs are being played. Solid Hits This program encompasses the most popular songs from Bollywood movies. The program is mainly songs of energy and robustness. Bakthinaad This program is focused on playing popular devotional verses. This is with an intention to promote peace and harmony. Jhakaas Morning Marathi songs that render a pleasant feel to the listeners are played within the program. Refreshing songs are what they focus to portray. Breakless Breakfast The particular show goes in the air with the famous songs of all genres. This included the celebrated songs from many Bollywood movies. This also comprises recent film songs. Wallet ki Bare This is a cultural tribute to the Marathi dance form called Lavani. The dance is performed by exemplified artists from Marathi culture. This recollects the tradition of Marathi culture. Jhakaas 30 min Non-Stop This is another famous program from the channel 9X Jhakaas. It includes the best played songs from renowned films.