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9X JALWA is a classical music channel of outstanding quality and traditional values. 9x Jalwa is known as Indian Classical Music channel. The fast songs and the over indulgence to the rap sounds are growing day by day. Thus, channels like 9x Jalwa can contribute to the classic music traditions prevalent in India. As we know, Jalwa is also owned by 9x Media.

The programs within the channel are different from those of the present generation shows related to music. The programs showcase melodies of 1990s and 2010 as well. The fast song traditions have forgotten the classic tradition that Indian culture had within. Jalwa is an exception to this approach.

The various programs in 9x Jalwa, yet another channel from 9x media are as follows:

● Jalwa Classics The old things we had are to be retained. This is essential in cultural facts. Jalwa Classics is a program that focuses on the songs from old Bollywood movies.

● Jalwa Superstars This is a kind of memory sharing. The popular artists of Old Bollywood movies share their experience and auspicious events in their life.

● Jalwa Hit List This is intended to cover the popular Bollywood songs of all time hits.

● Hath Kar dho This is a special category of songs. Here, songs are played from particular genres. The songs are portrayed as the excellence of those composers.

● Jalwa Dhating Dance This program focuses on the talented artists and their dance performances. This enables participation of many across the globe.

● Melody Forever This is a regular show. The show portrays melodies. This brings up a passion for old songs.

● Ask Mona This is an interactive program. Here, the audience can request for the kind of songs they need and it will be played accordingly. Mona is an animated character that becomes another particular of 9x Media programs.