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9XM, as we know, is a free-to-air music channel in India. This is a Mumbai-based television channel that is owned by 9X Media. As the channel is a free-to-air channel, users can access the programs from websites as well. The programs included within focus exclusively upon the Bollywood songs. This involves the most celebrated songs with prime importance.

9XM comprises a wide range of programs. Like what we know about 9X Jhakaas, 9XM too has programs with animated characters. The difference in presentation styles really brings a change in the mood of the overall program. 9X media explicitly focus on the interest of viewers and listeners of their programs. Thus, their programs tend to be innovative.

The various programs of 9xm are as follows: ● Bade Chote Playlist: This mainly focuses on the songs from Punjabi movies and culture. These are songs of real energy and enthusiasm with a mood of entertainment.

● Chill Karen Chote: A Hindi music show that comprises the most loved Bollywood songs. It includes the recent and old songs as well. The program is almost repeated throughout the week in a constant time gap.

● 9XM Original: These are recorded songs from renowned musicians and composers. The songs are well versed and celebrated for ages.

● 9XM stories: The show includes popular songs from famous Bollywood movies.

● Bade Chote Swag Hour: The inclusion of animated characters for the presentation is yet another factor of promoting their own styles. Here, the program focus on audience interests. This plays the favorites of popular actors.

● 9XM Fit hits: As the name suggests it plays the most popular Bollywood film songs.

The programs included within the channel are more of entertainment. Through the various programs, 9xM focuses on the audience and their desired set of songs. It exclusively uses the most popular Bollywood songs.